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Perfectly Perfect Perfection

Has a nice ring to it, eh?

Truth be told, I spent a lot of time chasing perfect.

For as long as I can remember, I associated my value with my level of perfection.

Didn't get 100% on a test? ...I'm not as smart as I thought.

Missed the free throw? ...My team is going to lose because of my mistake.

Typo in my email? ...No one will ever take me serious.

And just like a LOT of business owners, I had this misconception that if I had ENOUGH time, ENOUGH money, ENOUGH followers, I'd be able to create the perfect product and therefore the perfect business.

Buckle up Buttercup because I'm about to change your whole world!

Perfection is procrastination in a fancy costume.

Think about it!!! You spend all that time and energy making sure that your project, product, or service is PERFECT (which it never is) and you hold off on sharing it. You don't give your tribe the opportunity to improve their lives, because you're holding out for it to be just right.

It took A LONG time, and several mentors to convince me that perfection just doesn't exist. Like at all. My idea of perfection will never match anyone else's idea of perfection. I'll always be my hardest critic, while there are probably thousands of people that think my project/product/service is the most amazing thing they've ever experienced.

Isn't that a massive weight off your shoulders?!

This is me encouraging you to be HAPPY with your imperfect imperfection. Show up every day. Share your ideas. Be authentic. Be proud of the content you create. Cut "what if" from your vocabulary and just go for it!!

What have you been waiting to share because it isn't perfect yet? I challenge you to reach out to one person and share your idea! What can you do TODAY to move a step closer to releasing your great idea to your audience?

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